Who Said Romance Was Dead?

This is usually the day of the cruise when I wake up with my tank top turned inside out and facing the wrong way on my body and I have no clue how it got that way.  This is also usually the day I wake up very hungover.

Today we are in Cozumel and we have places to go and shit to do so I’d better find a clean tank top and pull myself together.

We have been here twice before and have done Chankanaab each time but we’re switching it up this year.  I think my husband is rewarding me for zip lining.  All I know is that the excursion involves a Jeep convoy and tequila.  As they say here in the South, I am there with bells on.  Motherfucking bells. Give me all the tequila.

I hope you guys are having a great week!  If you’ve ever been on a cruise, comment below and tell me what your favorite excursion has been.


    1. I think if we go back to Cozumel, we will go back to Chankanaab. Quick, cheap cab ride over, lots to do. I’ll do reviews on each of our excursions in the next week, hopefully, so check back in. Thanks for coming in and commenting!

  1. We now go to Paradise Island in Cozumel. It’s less than $20 a person for an entire day of beach, snorkeling, canoes, water inflatables, and they have a pool so you can take a break from the salt water if you want to. There’s also a restaurant with good food!

    1. We’ll try that next time we go! This makes our third time to visit Cozumel. We like it because it’s familiar and we could definitely rent a Jeep and easily make it around on our own now. But I’m always up for a beach excursion like you described and that price can’t be beat either. Sounds like heaven.

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