Sweep The Leg!

I first posted about my friend “Fantasia” here.  It’s Easter week and that reminded me of this text from last year.  Fantasia’s is a bit cropped out for some reason, so I will translate:

Fantasia:  I’d fight a bear for you.  Not a grizzly.  Or a brown bear.  Not a panda.  But maybe like a Care Bear?  I’d fight one of those sonsofbitches for you.


I think most of my readers are pretty safe from bear attacks but probability is extremely high that you’ll run into multiple chocolate bunnies this week.  One at a time is doable, but when encountering a chocolate bunny gang, things can go South quickly.  When this happens, your innate reaction will be to first take out the ears or the ass but resist that instinct, my friends!  Go all Karate Kid on those bunny fuckers and sweep the legs.  Trust me on this.  Sweep the legs.  Then go back for the ears and ass when they’re helpless.

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