Put A Ring On It

All you single people, I truly don’t mean to boast.  I don’t want to add further pain to your imminent solo, sexless weekend.  This post isn’t for you. 

This post is for the young, married couples who may be struggling right now through their third year together.  Maybe you’re in the dreaded seventh year of marriage and can’t stop contemplating how you could possibly get away with murder.  I’m not saying I’ve been there or anything but I’ve read about it. 

Hold on, dear ones.  Hold on tightly to that beast of burden man or woman because one sweet day, after almost 24 years of marriage, your heart could flutter with sweet anticipation like mine did today.

I had just texted E that our son’s baseball game is canceled tonight due to rain.  He proposed hearts, romance, and flowers.  Okay, he didn’t TYPE that but he was THINKING it.  Read for yourselves:



I hope I’ve been able to encourage and inspire some of you hopeless bastards out there.  Y’all have a great weekend! 


  1. Our date nights consist of my best sweat pants and a revealing cotton shirt. If I’m really frisky, I don’t wear socks. Love this one, girl. And wipe that frosting off your chin.

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