The Music or the Misery

This isn’t really a blog post.  It’s just a diversion of traffic.  But I still love you.

The music blog I write for, My Music, My Concerts, My Life, has published another rambling post written by yours truly.  If you’re dating or want to date a music freak and you feel like you’re not speaking the same language, go check this out and be prepared to replenish your bodily fluids on a daily basis.  That’s right.  Fran added the disclaimer that “results may vary” but that’s just bullshit, man.  Go stock up on Gatorade, guys.  Or if you’re really committed, IV poles are really hot these days.  Go all in or go home.

There are lots of really great music posts coming up over at My Music, My Concerts, My Life.  I will post here when one of mine goes up but you can also sign up for the email here to stay on top of things.

Thanks for reading StephOnTheRocks.  This past weekend almost broke my viewing records for a single day and I cannot tell y’all how much I appreciate all the clicks and shares.  Several women shared their own “hotel” stories with me after my Cough Syrup post and I’m forever thankful to them for opening up to me and letting me know I’m not/wasn’t alone.

Now take your little mouse and hit this good shit.  Please.

Y’all have a good week!

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