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I’d Rather Be Blog Blocked Than Cock Blocked

My sweet and very funny friend Laurie tried to access my blog today so she could share it with the world.  She just happened to be at work.  This is what popped up on her computer screen.

Blog blocked in two languages!

Blog blocked in two languages!

After only 18 blog posts, I’ve been Blog Blocked!  A big time major Texas company has not only deemed my blog “non-professional” but has also classified it as “porn”.  I thought it would take at least a year to reach this status.  I’m torn.  I mean, part of me is like “Fucking A!” but on the other hand, it’s a sad day in America when a blogger can’t mention the words  “bad”, “monkey” and “penis” in a single innocent travel review and not get blog blocked by a Texas business giant.

I’m not sure what other goals I can shoot for at this point.  Maybe I should start posting actual porn?  Make my own sex tape?  Get myself on a Neighborhood Pervert Locator Map?

If you have any suggestions as to how I can get Blog Blocked by every Fortune 500 company in America, please let me know in the comments.  This ain’t over, people.